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Welcome! Here you will find helpful guides and tips to assist you with the planning and preparation of your wedding/event and celebration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, we’re happy to assist!

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Font Library

Guide to Formatting Your Mailing List for Envelope Printing

Paper Color Chart

Ribbon/Material Chart

Wedding Etiquette Cheat Sheet

Wedding Invitation & Enclosure Card Wording Template

Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

For questions regarding etiquette or expertise on how to handle certain situations, for example; no children or for guidance on how to write your invitation verbiage, please find the above (Wedding Etiquette Cheat Sheet).

Most Frequently Asked

Q. Do you have a storefront or can I make an appointment to come in, I would love to see some samples?

A. Thank you for your interest in our stationery! Thinking Paper is an online boutique/store only, not an actual storefront or location to visit. However, Samples of our paper colors and quality can be ordered (see below). If you're local or planning a trip to NJ, view our work in-person at our next Bridal Showcase,      (view schedule)

Paper Samples

We understand a virtual image can never compare to holding the actual materials in your hand. The significance of your wedding stationery is important to us because we understand why it’s important to you. The Sample Pack will be a useful tool and reference to better help guide and assist you with choosing the ideal paper stock for the printing of your actual invitation and enclosure cards along with matching up our colored papers to your wedding, event palette.

Generic Sample Pack Includes:

  • Thinking Paper's Top Seller: 5x7 Portrait Pocket with most popular embellishment, Outer Seal Closure. 
  • Select up to 5 colored paper swatches. These colors may be used for the pockets, layered half folds and layered backing/mattes.
  • Choose between our sampling of either Kraft & White or Kraft & Cream/Ivory papers to better help you decide which stock is best for the printing of your actual invitation and enclosure cards/inserts.

If you’re interested in placing a custom creation order or would like to see our paper qualities and colors to further assist you, we highly recommend this Sample Pack. This paper sampling is the ideal starter kit for couples new to the stationery process and Thinking Paper's products alike.

* Receive complimentary shipping of your Sample Pack and when you're ready to place your complete order, receive 50% reimbursement of the sample cost. Delivery of these samples may take up to 10 business days depending upon what is available in-house. Colored paper stocks are heavyweight and high quality, sourced completely from American & European Mills.