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Privacy Policy

Thinking Paper will not sell, share or trade any information you provide with a third party either from transactions on this website, guests mailing addresses (envelope printing), or when signing up for our mailings and newsletters.


All artistic and creative works of Thinking Paper are the property of Thinking Paper LLC and may not be sold or reproduced in any manner for any reason. All vendors, suppliers, and fonts used by Thinking Paper LLC are proprietary and will not be released upon request.

Shipments, Cancellations or Returns

Shipments: Thinking Paper currently ships within the United States and to Canada. For international shipping, please contact us to receive a quote for shipping costs. Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and drop-off WITH signature request. Tracking information with estimated delivery will be provided via email with a link to track your package online. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to size of the shipment and in some cases weight and location. It's advised all items are grouped in one order as shipping fees will apply to each order placed separately.

Delivery Time: Domestic 2 to 5 Business Days; International 5 to 10 Business Days. Please contact us if you require rush delivery or any other special delivery. After receipt of payment and signed approval form, unassembled invitation orders are generally dispatched within 7-10 business days, fully assembled invitations within 10-15 business days. Other stationery items or products require the same delivery time as specified above unless otherwise noted within the product's listing.

Lost/Stolen or Damaged Packages: Packages are dispatched at your own risk, Thinking Paper is not responsible for situations caused by neglect of the Post Office but special care is taken to protect stationery items. Boxes are amply sized and items are well-protected. If you receive your order and it was damaged during the shipping process, please contact us immediately so Thinking Paper is able to rectify the situation promptly.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your order pre-production, please contact us immediately. Full refunds can only be given to orders placed and cancelled within 24 hours. Should you cancel your order thereafter, any associated design and or re-stocking fees will not be refunded.

Refunds and Returns: Once an order has been approved (form below) and the production process begins (printing and the assembly of your order) no refunds can be given. Thinking Paper strives to make customer satisfaction a top priority. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, please contact us so we are able to work with you to fix the problem. We will gladly reprint and re-ship any order in which job specifications were not followed correctly due to internal error. You must contact us within 2 business days of receiving your order to be eligible for this policy. 

Product Quality & Information

Each piece is made to order using the finest materials and high quality papers and prints. Our printers are known for using the most innovative digital presses. Their paper stocks contain high percentages of post-consumer product (around 30%) and also use wind-generated energy. Colored paper stocks are heavyweight and high-quality sourced completely from American & European Mills. Most products are assembled by hand or individually handmade so slight irregularities may occur. In the event of a mistake or if the final product doesn’t meet the clients expectations due to internal error, Thinking Paper will do it’s best to correct the problem as quick and efficiently as possible. Client has up to 2 business days to notify Thinking Paper of any issues with the order upon delivery. You must contact us within 2 business days of receiving your order to be eligible for this policy or you may be charged accordingly.

Invitation Assembly

Invitation ensembles will require full assembly. All printed cards and colored card stocks will be pre-cut to the correct sizes but will require you to mount/assemble everything together. Ribbon, lace, twine will be delivered on roll(s) and not already pre-cut to needed lengths. Invitation pockets arrive blank inside but are pre-folded/scored. Colored stocks "Layered Backing/Matte" (if applicable) will not arrive mounted inside the pockets nor to invitation prints. Included with all orders is one invitation ensemble pre-assembled for you to use as a guide. Assembly services can be added to your order or purchased at any time. Materials (adhesives) Thinking Paper recommends and uses for the assembly process are available to purchase in Step 3 Make it Yours section of our website and are otherwise not included with your order or priced within the invitation listings. Please be sure to allow enough time for assembly and the mailing of your invitations based on our expected turnaround times. 

Subject to Additional Fees

Each stationery and invitation order will receive ONE complimentary round of edits/changes to the electronic sample proofs. Additional copy/information edits will be billed at $25.00 per invitation and or enclosure card proof as it's the client's responsibility to carefully review all verbiage prior to submitting. Reverse side printing starts at $50.00 & Up (flat) for the entire order/print run. An actual cost (if applicable) will be provided to the client prior to this charge and asked if Thinking Paper is to proceed or allow time for client to make necessary edits. Additional color edits (after first free proof) will be billed at $25.00 per round. Additional font changes (after first free proof) will be billed at $25.00 per round. Delivery will not be made until any additional fees have been collected.

Approval Form Signature:

Upon completion and review of the proofs, the client’s electronic signature of approval will be required in order to grant Thinking Paper the right to move forward with the final stage of production. After this approval form has been signed and received (below), Thinking Paper is not responsible for any mistakes matching the final approved proof*. This includes all grammatical errors, spaces, graphics, etc. that are incorrect. Although Thinking Paper does it’s best to ensure everything is correct, mistakes can occur. It is the client’s responsibility to proofread and check all information before signing the approval form. 

Color: Thinking Paper cannot guarantee that the printed portion(s) of the invitation ensemble or stationery items(s) will match 100% directly to colored paper stocks or fabrics as the nature of these materials are completely different from one another. However, Thinking Paper does guarantee results to be within the upper 90% range. It's important to be aware that each computer monitor/tablet will display colors differently. Should a color be indifferent from what was requested, it's encouraged for the client to ask the designer for confirmation in order to work out a solution if needed.

In the event of incorrect coloration or if copy/grammatical errors should go to print after the approval form has been signed and the order needs to be reprinted, the client will be charged to reprint and reassemble (if applicable) to correct such errors. Orders will NOT be printed until this approval form is electronically signed, submitted and received by Thinking Paper. Final delivery will NOT be made until any unpaid balances (additional costs if applicable) are paid in full.

*In the event Thinking Paper LLC is responsible for a mistake and the printed piece(s) does not match the approved proof(s), Thinking Paper LLC will take full responsibility and make the necessary arrangements to correct the situation.

Approval Form

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It always touches our heart when the couples we have worked with share their wedding photos with us. Due to the nature of only being a stationery vendor, it's a rare opportunity to actually SEE the vision we've heard so much about come to life and how their special day turned out. That said, we would like to thank those couples for thinking of us and sharing their most treasured photos- after their event and us working together. 

To the Photographers, while working in the creative field ourselves, we understand the importance of giving credit where it's due. We are so thankful of you for not only sharing your work with us, but for also capturing the very heart, spirit and style of our couples most memorable day and celebration. 

Thank you!

Elisabeth Millay Photography (photo seen on the following: Contact)

Jeri Houseworth Photography (photos seen on the following: FAQ, Helpful Resources)

Vanessa Joy Photography (photo seen here to right)

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