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Pins for Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day

Oh it’s approaching fast, Mother’s Day is coming and I am not prepared yet, are you? This Mother’s Day will be the very first for many new moms out there- congratulations and hugs to you, and to one of my very best friends, Marissa <3

So when I’m not prepared and short on time, I need a little boost to get those ideas and creative juices flowing. And just like all of you I'm sure,  I hop on Pinterest. Instantly I find myself getting lost in a sea of possibilities and the slight panic fades away. THANK YOU PINTEREST!

My mom is not big on the idea of going out for Mother's Day because of the crowds and long waits, so each year we go to her and try to make her day super special.  I tend to always lean more towards Garden ideas because she just LOVES her gardening. Planting and maintenance is her seasonal thing. It’s her therapy and vacation resort., so this year I'm thinking of tying that in with a fancy homemade continental style breakfast. 

There will be 7 of us on Sunday with possibly 2-3 more. So I will need to come up with a simple, easy, and impressive way to feed us all (I'm the oldest). And it has to be good enough for travel because I live about an hour away. 

I'm a sucker for presentation and appreciate all the many ways you can serve food. My initial thought was a food bar setup. It's the best way to easily serve a number of people all sitting at the same table, (in my opinion). You won't have to worry about getting bothered every two seconds to pass a dish or the clutter on the table. I love Grab & Sit. 

Then I saw the individual decorative food boxes below and thought, not only is this PERFECT but it's also a practical solution to transport the food. It eliminates the table clutter and will totally wow my mom with its cuteness. I can see her getting a kick out of this idea and telling all of her friends and coworkers about it :)

Okay. Continental breakfast arranged strategically inside individual decorative boxes- check. Garden theme- check.

Now it's time to think of the table arrangement.

I love baby's breath and I know she does too, so this idea is a must. I also love the idea of incorporating a gift into the decor as well, like a new wine glass or plate set.

And then I found this on Sugar and Charm! This tablescape took my breath away. Just look at how personal and intimate this is,  how special. Such a beautiful way to honor someone. I HAVE to do this photo idea. Especially when it is known that I am the 'Photo' person in my family. Photo gifts are the best and I always love to give them because they're just too perfect.

So now I'm left with dessert. My mama just loves cannolis and so last year I made a connoli dip. It tasted pretty good but it just wasn't a cannoli. This year I want the real deal. I think I'm leaning towards the box idea again... but I love the tiers too. And then I found this...

Just the cutest little things, I swear it. Hey, I told you I was a sucker for this food presentation and decor stuff. I think I'm good to go now. All of these details can be easily executed rather quickly (and are low in cost). I invite you to check out Thinking Paper's Mother's Day Pinterest Board, you'll see so many precious ideas, crafts, and gift ideas.

Hope you're inspired- Happy Mother's Day Weekend.


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