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Imagine Your Wedding Day

As we’re getting further into 2015s' wedding season, engaged couples from earlier in the year may already be well underway with their planning or are beginning to think more about what their perfect wedding day vision will be down to the very last detail- but how do you know where to begin? 

One of my very best girlfriends and I participated in this Valentine’s Day couples' fitness challenge earlier this year, (YES, I’m totally into this - you’re invited to follow my personal health & fitness Pinterest Board if you’d like), anyway- over a well earned Starbucks treat afterwards, we finally got around to catching up and chatting all about HER ENGAGEMENT, (Christmas morning proposal) and while she wasn’t actively wedding planning then, we talked over some of the ideas she had in mind...... Fast forward.

Not long ago we met up again and since she’s decided on a vision for her wedding day! Yay! Though I am so excited for her and that she was able to hone in on this vision to follow, I couldn’t help but wonder if other engaged couples’ out there had felt any of the same pressure with deciding on what their wedding day vision will be. And, what could I recommend to them on how and where to begin?

There are countless, beautiful ways to get married- to honor and celebrate your love and commitment to one another. This day will be one of the most important, romantic and meaningful days you will ever share with your one true love, family and friends. So how do you go about narrowing down all of the wedding day possibilities to just one suited perfect for you?

Guest List

Well, I think it’s very important to first sit down and write-up a potential guest list. Regardless how rough or finalized your guest list is, having this reference handy will be a great launching pad to getting you started in the right direction.  

  • Gain perspective on the actual scale of you wedding day
  • Narrow down venue tours to only those that can accommodate your guest list size
  • Pave way for an easier time with planning as you move forward 

*The Knot has some really great tips to getting started with forming your wedding guest list, check it out.


How much moola will you have to spend? Determining a budget for the wedding day, gifts and festivities involved can make anyones eye twitch. Traditionally, wedding etiquette states that the bride’s parents host the wedding while the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Today, we’re finding that more engaged couples are hosting their own wedding celebration or that both families are now contributing towards the expenses.

  • Research average wedding costs to better educate yourself
  • Estimate other wedding related expenses so that you can plan accordingly
  • Confirm overall budget available to spend

*Wedding Wire has a planning tool that can help you with budget planning and tracking, check it out.

Style & Theme

Figuring out the type of wedding you would like to have along with the location can go hand in hand with the size of your intended guest list and the budget available to spend. Will you marry in the same location (on site) as your reception, or will you choose somewhere with a scenic backdrop or house of worship/church with a celebration to continue shortly thereafter? Will you elope or plan a destination wedding?

Once you have narrowed down WHERE you would like to get married, now you can choose a wedding style or theme. This can be based on a feeling, mood or vibe created from the décor itself or by the use of decorations and different textures such as Vintage/Retro, Rustic and Shabby Chic. As you can see, I don’t necessarily mean Pirates or that your guests wear costumes, (though that’s cool too), a theme can be a variety of things, like maybe a set color palette when everything is color coordinated somehow- coupled with a pattern to break things up- chevron being a perfect example and a trend we’ve seen beautifully done. 

A theme can also be based on something more specific and meaningful to you and your relationship like for example- maybe your first date was at an ice cream parlor. A color palette can be made up of ‘3 flavors’ (vanilla/ivory, strawberry/pink, chocolate/brown), wedding favors can be ice cream scoopers or maybe a gift card for a free ice cream cone at that very same parlor. You can hire an ice cream cart vendor to scoop cones for dessert, tables can be flavor names as opposed to numbers. (Okay now I’m getting carried away), but here you can see how sometimes choosing an actual theme can really spark up some inspiration and ideas you might not have originally thought of. 

We hear more of how weddings are becoming not just a memorable day for the couple being celebrated, but an ‘experience’ for the invited guests as well. Today, couples are going above and beyond in providing their wedding guests with a night to remember by providing convenient shuttle transportation, a photo booth and props, entertainment and lounge areas, to special menu selections and little surprises. These unique wedding details will differ from one to the next but exploring ideas that will coincide with your theme, style and mood is ideal when looking to add a more personal touch.

Choosing a wedding theme or style is also imperative for guests to know of beforehand, hence the function and importance of a wedding invitation. In addition to this though, you’ll need to decide on the formality of your wedding day and the proper attire guests should wear. Will your wedding style be causal, semi-formal, black tie?

  • Now you can find a suitable ceremony location and venue
  • Schedule necessary vendor and bridal appointments
  • Plan and prepare for all relative details

All of these factors are key, things to really think about and consider, and will only better prepare you for the beginning stages of your wedding planning.

My girlfriend decided on the idea to have a small, intimate New Year’s Eve wedding and a search for the location and venue is underway!

What Type of Wedding are You Having?

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