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Handcrafted Wedding Invitations & More


Present the special details of your event with a quality invitation suite crafted exclusively for you.


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Present Your Invitation in a Reminiscent Way

For many, what feels to be an endless search for their most perfect wedding invitation can turn into such an exhausted, daunting process. There are so many different design styles, beautiful packaging ideas and materials to work with that having to make the decision to choose amongst them can be so overwhelming. This bums me out for engaged couples’ because the wedding invitation process should be special, fun and turn up the level of excitement and anticipation for their day to come- not add more stress.

This pretty little packaging of card stocks, your invitation ensemble style is going to not only set the tone for your entire event by being the first introduction to your wedding theme but it’s also the vehicle to passing along need-to-know information to your invited guests. Once you've figured out all of the details that you'll need to share, you can then determine how many insert or enclosure cards you'll actually need in addition to the main invitation itself. 

Choosing an Invitation Style

Beginning with Design. An invitation’s printed design should represent the look and feel of the wedding day and location; the attire, scenery and decor. Is your wedding formal, theme specific (beach, fall, gatsby) or simple and classy?

The Invitation Style or presentation holding your invitation and matching enclosure card prints together should also be of the same, mimicking the look and feel but complimentary to the design as well. For example, if you're planning a small, intimate and romantic type of celebration whether it be indoors or outdoors your invitation style can be something simple like a layered matte card. If your event is more on the formal side and additional wedding information cards are a must (rsvp, reception, hotel accommodations, directions) then opting for an invitation pocket style may be ideal to presenting an organized, more formal and polished look. What’s the vibe you envision for your wedding?


So how do you narrow down which invitation styles most appeal to you and will best accommodate your stationery needs?

Typically when we see a finished piece we’ll know right away how we feel about it- if we like it, don’t like it, or we’ll see the potential it has when putting our own creative spin on it- making it our own with little tweaks and changes.

Within our gallery of Invitation Ideas you will find finished invitation ensembles with a listed breakdown of the materials used and the name of the design to better assist you with building together your own version -or the same- when adding embellishments. We offer plenty of options with ability to customize however you’d like, an invitation ensemble can be made to accommodate your specific needs. 

When looking through the different wedding invitations, ask yourself these questions to better help you with narrowing down which styles interest you and will perfectly set the tone for your wedding:

1. What is the size of your wedding? The cost of invitations can add up very quickly, especially with certain paper selections, embellishments, and when adding multiple printed cards (rsvp, reception, accommodations). Figuring the number of how many invitations are actually needed ahead of time can help you with narrowing down the styles and paper selections to accommodate your needs and budget.

 2. How many printed cards in addition to the invitation are needed? Enclosures, inserts, wedding cards (whichever title you prefer) provides guests with additional wedding information they may need in order to plan for your day as well. Almost always you will find a separate card, RSVP with a self addressed and stamped envelope included with the main invitation. If the wedding ceremony and reception are taking place in two different locations, you will find a Reception Card included with the time and location of the post-ceremony celebration. Most couples like to include information regarding travel and local hotel accommodations as well.  

It’s always best to gather all of this information prior to ordering wedding invitations and to see what information can be consolidated and possibly eliminate that one extra card. Of course this cannot be the case with some invitation styles given space, but having all of your wedding information settled ahead of time is highly recommended. 

 Design: Cinderella |  +1 card  | Pockets & More:  Printed Ribbon Belt Half Fold Invitations  (Printed Card: White/Crystal 107lb shimmer metallic, Ribbon: Shiny Metallic Silver, Outer Seal Paper Color: Silver Shimmer)

Design: Cinderella | +1 card | Pockets & More: Printed Ribbon Belt Half Fold Invitations (Printed Card: White/Crystal 107lb shimmer metallic, Ribbon: Shiny Metallic Silver, Outer Seal Paper Color: Silver Shimmer)

3. What is your wedding theme or style? Will your event be small, intimate and romantic- theme specific, for example Fairytale, Starfish, Black Tie formal? I’ve been referring to “invitation style/presentation” throughout this blog post, and to me that means HOW the invitation ensemble will be presented to guests. Will you plan to stuff all those printed invitation and enclosure cards into one envelope and call it a day? Will you plan to have them displayed, layered in a pocket or tie them up with ribbon? Deciding on the style or theme of your wedding can only help you more with choosing the right design and packaging of your invitation and cards.

4. Will the invitation you decide on, inside and out send the right message to your invited guests? When all of the pieces making up your wedding invitation are printed and assembled together, will the style mimic the look and feel you’re going for? For example, you probably wouldn’t choose a printed chandelier design packaged inside a super elegant silk box for a sandals and flip flop, backyard BBQ styled wedding- right?

Thinking Paper’s Invitation Gallery of completed sets is the perfect place to start looking for different ideas and inspiration to creating your one-of-a-kind wedding invitation. Our online store and step-by-step process was conceptualized to give you:

A.   Creative freedom in building together piece by piece a wedding invitation specifically for you and your event. (think of it like 'Build a Bear Workshop,' but only with paper & materials)

B.   Automatic pricing right up front with a shopping cart tally to better assist you with budgeting your invitation cost.

C. Flexibility to place your order at any time, day or night when it’s most convenient for you, no appointments necessary.

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